fans know her as the queen of gossip. readers know she’s sharp. we know her as @laineygossip.

every so often life just doesn’t make sense, so we’ve asked her to help out. lainey’s a master at dealing with life’s colourful situations. so if you have a question that needs answering, she’ll help you out. we’re sending life questions to lainey, and each month she’ll answer on video. (b/c it’s better to see her face when she tells you to dump his @$$). so tweet or DM us @vitaminwater_ca or just hashtag your tweet #asklainey. if the question is really personal, you can even email your q’s to (asklainey@laineygossip.com). lainey will answer as many as she can each month. if your question isn’t answered, don’t fret, she may get to them the following month.

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